Hiking trails in the Drakensberg offer something for everyone. It is truly a hikers paradise. Amphitheatre is one of the best known and most climbed peaks in the Drakensberg.

Maybe when hiking in the Drakensberg, hikers share a sense of empathy with the whole environment in which they hike; a feeling of absolute freedom when in the mountains. There is a special quality of comradeship, which is born from interdependence in difficultiesand the sharing of the experience as a whole. As we grow older, this may be the most enduring of pleasures.

You may squirm, sweat, shake, or do all three simultaneously. At some point along the way you may ask yourself: ‘What on earth was I thinking?’ Consider that moment a rite of passage. The trip is a journey in which there are elements of the unknown that have to be overcome by the physical and mental skills of the individual. What you take away from it goes well beyond the satisfaction of pushing your limits. It will change who you are from the inside out.

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